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Why is it better for a nurse to perform your Botox injections?

Seeing a qualified nurse for minimally invasive cosmetic procedures is a smart move.

Nurses in this field have undergone advanced training to perfect these skills, have medical directors...( as a patient, ask about this and don't settle for anything less than a board certified plastic surgeon as medical director, ) and perform these treatments all day long. They perfect and re-perfect and fine tune their skills over and over and over again. Nurses who specialize in injections of Botox, Dermal Fillers, Kybella, and such spend extensive hours in training, and must prove their expertise on human models in order for their Medical Director to agree to oversee their practice. Refinement of these skills are what makes a practice trustworthy and keep our patients coming back to us.

Now a physician on the other hand? What percent of his or her practice is devoted to MINIMALLY invasive cosmetic procedures? If they are a surgeon, I would presume that the largest percent of their practice is in the operating room. A dentist? I would presume root canals and drilling teeth top their list. So what percent is devoted to Botox, Dermal Fillers and the like?

Nurses in this field, whom devote 100% of their practice to these procedures? No brainer. These are the skills that drive our business. These skills ARE our business. After all, we can't fall back on root canals....

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